We are looking for a highly motivated individual to join our energetic team.  NU2U is family owned and very community driven.  We pride ourselves in “making someone’s day everyday”.  We do our best to find environmental solutions and alternatives for our business.   NU2U strives to create consignment and secondhand retail that is inclusive and enjoyable for everyone.


To be considered for this role our ideal candidate needs to have experience and passion in the following areas:

-Leadership: You will be expected to manage a team of retail associates while gaining the knowledge and experience of our pricing team as well.

-Education: Completion of a 2 to 4 year degree is preferred for any candidate without significant retail experience.

-Knowledge: NU2U carries every type of clothing under the sun.  Knowledge of textiles, fashion, retail and quality garments is a must.

Our ideal candidate should also care about our core concerns:

-Community:  We are continually working to do more in our community.  We greatly value our fellow local business and the non-profits of Laramie. NU2U hopes to give as much as we can to the community we love.

-Sustainability: We may not be able to “save the planet”, but we intend to do our best for the future.  We work hard to decrease waste, encourage mindful shopping, continue public education on the impacts of the retail industry and set an example of environmentally driven business practices.


Medical/Dental/Vision Available

Paid Vacation/Sick Leave

Starting salary $25-$30K

Deliver resume to :

320 S. 5th St.

Application Period :

July 20th - August 31st

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